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About Us

About us

We represent community development finance institutions (CDFIs). CDFIs provide loans and support to people who find it difficult to access finance from the commercial banks.

As a trade association, we do not offer loans, funding or financial advice to the public ourselves. However one of our members may be able to help you. The best way to find out about CDFA members operating in your area is to go to our dedicated website,

CDFIs are sustainable, independent financial institutions that provide capital and support to enable individuals or organisations to develop and create wealth in disadvantaged communities or under-served markets. Find out more about CDFIs.

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The CDFA’s mission is to support the development of a thriving and sustainable community development finance (CDFI) sector that provides finance for disadvantaged and underserved communities and, as a consequence, contribute to the increasing prosperity of these communities.

The CDFA’s objectives are:

  • To grow, support and strengthen the CDFI sector
  • To promote the sector to stakeholders and to government
  • To support members in achieving collective influence
  • To help forge closer links between individual CDFA members and stakeholders, where appropriate

 The CDFA’s five-year strategic plan sets out how we will deliver these objectives. It can be downloaded here.


About Us