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Performance Framework

Increasing Impact – Your Performance Framework, Your CDFI Handbook 

Sponsored by the RBS group

2013 marks the final of four years of support by RBS Group enabling the sector to continue to develop a viable performance framework that reflects each CDFI’s performance and impact. This is an ongoing process with the overall aim of enabling CDFIs to improve their efficiency, transparency and outcome reporting which will in turn demonstrate the case for increased investment from government, banks and other agencies.

Most CDFIs sit outside FCA regulation, and the CDFA has been working with its members since 2006 to develop a reporting framework to assure investors that its members have passed through an independently verified process of measuring performance against benchmarks in the areas of business, impact and finance (including portfolio management).

Thanks to support from RBS group, Phase 2 (CM2) was rolled out during 2011-2012, in recognition of the unique aspect of the social value and impacts of CDFIs. To date the majority of members have confirmed they have successfully attracted new funding since they completed their CM2.

All members of the CDFA have now set a baseline of their performance with a CM2 report, consisting of a Self-Assessment (of business, impact and finance performance) combined with an independent audit which takes the form of a Corporate Assessment Report. Many CDFA members have used this report as a management tool, an investor tool, and a governance tool.

“The CM2 process probably directly led to a successful tender to the.. Fund, by putting improvements in place that were identified by the report”.

“There are extracts from the self-assessment we have identified we can continue to use on an annual, or more frequent basis, to measure the performance of the organization over and above our current practices”.

Members will be equipped with a resource developed by the CDFA in 2014 with support from RBS Group – the CDFI Handbook. This product will enable the sector to complement its business practices with tools, templates and examples of best practice. This is intended to be a live document which will be updated regularly to reflect the operating environment and changes in the sector.

If you would like more information about the performance framework or CDFI handbook please email