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Our supporters

The CDFA works closely with a range of partners and supporters.

Our partners

We are thankful to our Partners for their continued strategic support. They are listed on the who we work with page.

Our supporters

Foresters Community Finance

We assist these organisations to build financial and social sustainability thereby making a contribution to the strength of civil society. This means we seek to build the skills and knowledge of the Third and Fourth Sectors, invest in the asset base of the Third and Fourth Sectors and account for both the financial and social returns on these investments.

Local Trust

Local Trust’s vision of the future is that each area we work with is resilient, confident and a good place to live. Local Trust’s first and major responsibility is to deliver Big Local. Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas around England to use at least £1m to make a massive and lasting positive difference to their communities. It’s about bringing together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make their area an even better place to live. Local Trust and partners are supporting Big Local areas to consider if and how they can work with community development finance institutions and credit unions on social investment

Wrigleys Solicitors

Wrigleys Solicitors LLP is one of the few specialist firms of solicitors that concentrate on the financial affairs, property and assets of private individuals, charities, foundations, trustees and pension schemes.

Individual supporters

Andrew Baker Consultancy

Andrew Baker Consultancy Ltd is a consultancy company that focuses on the CDFI sector. Andrew had a successful career in aerospace and joined the CDFI sector in 2002, initially to set up a CDFI based in Derby. He ran Derbyloans (now MCF) as Chief Executive for 4 years until 2007, when in a phased transition he left to set up a consultancy providing services to individual CDFIs and consortia. These services include advice and support for developing CDFIs, work on funding bids or tenders and strategy development. Andrew has worked as a CDFI board member and financial modelling of loan businesses is a strong personal interest.

He currently runs the Fair Finance Consortium so is well known to the West Midlands based CDFIs and has also worked on a number of projects with GLE OneLondon. He wrote and delivered training courses for the CDFA from 2008 to 2010. Andrew completed a mid-career MBA in 1993 and an engineering degree in the early seventies.

Full contact details are on his website

Ann Byrne

Ann has over 25 years experience with a high street bank, during which time she was actively involved in personal and small business lending and delinquency management. She has been involved in the third sector since 2006 primarily with a mixed use CDFI in the North West of England. Ann has been actively involved in the successful development of risk processes and procedures, product design, financial modelling, business planning, staff training and grant funding bids. She has also acted as a trainer on the CDFA Delinquency Management Course.

Stuart Field

Stuart Field has been involved in community finance since 1992. He has worked for various CDFIs in the UK and internationally, managing finance and making loans to social enterprises and small businesses. He currently works as an independent consultant via the social enterprise Alternative Choices. He has carried out CDFI performance assessments for the CDFA under Change Matters and CM2 performance frameworks. Recently he has become the only person in the UK with an MA in Social Banking and Social Finance. His dissertation was on financial models for CDFIs in the UK and two of his papers, one comparing government support for banks with that for CDFIs and the other covering regulatory issues for CDFIs, have been published by the Institute for Social Banking. He has contributed to the “Simply Finance” guide to financing co-operatives. Co-operative Enterprise Hub funding may be available for his advice.

Niamh Goggin

Niamh Goggin is a community development finance and social investment consultant, with experience in civil society, small business, microfinance and personal financial services. She was the first Chair of the Community Development Finance Association and Secretary and Director of the European Microfinance Network. She spent six years managing Charity Bank’s Northern Ireland office, raising £2m in capital, £4m in deposits and establishing an accredited Advanced Diploma course in Social Investment for the Third Sector. She also produced their first social impact report, using Theory of Change as the framework for identifying and collating impact data. She worked on Inside Out, the CDFA’s annual survey, from its inception and developed Change Matters, the CDFA’s performance framework. She developed and delivered many of the sector’s technical training courses. Niamh also managed the first project to identify and map financial exclusion for SEEDA and worked with Experian for the Financial Inclusion Taskforce on their British financial exclusion mapping exercise. She worked with the CDFA and ABCUL on a training needs analysis for CDFI’s and credit unions for the Growth Fund.

Niamh’s areas of expertise include strategic and financial planning, evaluation, social impact, organisational performance appraisal and improvement, development of investment readiness and other training programmes and project management.

Roy Rutter

Over the span of his career, Roy has worked for a large accountancy firm in Liverpool, a high street bank and in building society management. In 1994, he set up his own practice as an IFA, from which he retired in 2010. He is a qualified member of both the Institute of Financial Services and the Personal Finance Society. Roy first came directly into the CDFI arena in 2010 when appointed compliance consultant to a CDFI. His areas of expertise include: compliance, FSA/FCA requirements, mortgage and secured lending policy and practice, microfinance, implementing review processes and staff training. He provides consultancy services on compliance, regulation, lending criteria, personal and small business taxation.