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  • My Community 19.06.2015 What would make your community a better place: a vibrant high street, more jobs, improved services, green spaces and a thriving local pub? The government introduced the Community Rights (Localism Act 2011) including neighbourhood planning laws and the Community Right to Bid giving you more of a say in your local area, and there ...
  • Improving the financial health of the nation: ideas for the next Parliament The United Kingdom leads the world in financial services and yet more than two million adult Britons don’t have a bank account. In the autumn of 2014, the Financial Inclusion Commission came together to find out why, and to put the issue on the political agenda ahead of the General Election. Chris Pond explains what ...
  • What’s the value of community finance? The CDFA is just about to launch a new tool, providing a dynamic framework for CDFIs to comprehensively, consistently and clearly report on their social impact. By mapping the value of community finance to all its stakeholders, we can build a stron g compelling case for future investment and support – vital for the sector’s future ...
  • New government = new horizons? Ben Hughes reflects on the forthcoming election and its implications for our industry. With the three main national parties having an evident commitment to at least some aspects of the work of CDFIs, can we look forward to a time of new hope and opportunity?
  • Just Money – Civil Society Action for Community Finance David Barclay explains how the Just Money campaign has been working with experts (including the CDFA) to develop a proposal for a Community Finance Foundation, endowed through £200 million of fines on banks and payday lenders over the next parliament.
  • Celebrating 25 years of helping East Mids entrepreneurs Neil Millington explains how First Enterprise has transformed its lending and business support over a quarter of a century, and why they’re so proud of one of their clients crowned winner at this year’s Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards
  • How do we meet the growing need for affordable credit? 13.04.2015 A new discussion paper by the Carnegie UK Trust has set out the need for a range of affordable alternatives to meet the demand for small sum short-term credit – including CDFIs and credit unions.   “Meeting the need for affordable credit” makes clear the need for greater policy interventions to grow the affordable options for those ...
  • Making things better: bringing equality to financial services Ben Hughes on how we can bring equity to the provision of financial services in the UK
  • Who is your community finance hero? Tell us about the amazing CDFI leaders and loan officers in your town and they could be in for a Citi Microentrepreneurship Award
  • A new ecosystem for business funding-the rise of alternatives Adam Tavener examines the growth of alternative finance and explains why he set up Alternative Business Funding to help SMEs