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Just Finance manifesto

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Just Finance is our vision for the future of community finance.

Access to fair and affordable finance remains a barrier to many. This is a drag on our economy – entrepreneurs are being held back and there is a dearth of community reinvestment.

CDFIs are stepping up to fill the gaps caused by market failure.  But to fill the £6bn gap, community finance needs more investment.

Just Finance maps the actions that are needed to ensure we all have the basic right of access to fair finance. These include:


  1. Banks must  work with CDFIs and refer on declined customers
  2. A £150m capital fund must be created to expand the CDFI network
  3.  Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and local authorities must use CDFIs as channels for distributing European funding
  4. The Government must introduce community investment legislation, to support underserved markets
  5. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) must ensure banks disclose where they are and are not lending,  and how they support community lending
  6.  Major investment is needed in community finance infrastructure, to link up lending, community saving and support

Community finance must reach the scale to ensure access to fair finance is no longer the preserve of the few, but the right for us all.   Support us in making this a reality.


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